In partnership with the West Yorkshire Mayor’s Safer Communities Fund, WY Basketball has been proud to launch the ‘Hawks’ Hoops Academy’.

This project will see 32 eager kids diving into 12 hours of top-notch basketball coaching, rubbing shoulders with seasoned coaches and National League Players from the Hawks. Spread over six exciting two-hour sessions, these clinics take place just before the West Yorkshire Hawks’ National League showdowns at the University of Huddersfield.

But it’s not just about perfecting layups and three-pointers. These young ballers are in for a treat—they’ll soak up essential life skills like teamwork, strong work ethic, and the power of empathy and compassion, all wrapped up in the thrill of the game.

And hold onto your hats, because these future stars get to shine bright in an exhibition game during the halftime at the West Yorkshire Hawks’ National League game, playing to a packed stands of adoring fans.

The purpose of these camps is clear.  WY Basketball want to immerse these youngsters in a positive, inspiring environment that sets them on a path toward healthy, productive, and downright awesome lives. And who knows? Among these hoop dreamers, there might just be a future NBA sensation in the making!


WY Basketball launched the West Yorkshire Hawks in June 2024. This groundbreaking initiative marked the return of National League basketball to Kirklees after nearly a decade-long absence.

More than just plugging a geographical gap in the basketball landscape, the launch was a rallying cry against the soaring costs that were burdening players aiming to compete at higher levels in national league basketball. With many clubs grappling with mounting operational expenses, players were feeling the pinch as these increased costs were often passed down to them. WY Basketball set out with a mission for the Hawks: to establish a structure that drastically minimized the financial load on players, slashing contributions by a staggering 90% .

The vision behind the Hawks wasn’t just about elevating players to new heights; it also aims to embody a wealth of positives. Hawks serve as beacons of inspiration for budding basketball enthusiasts taking their first steps in the sport. Beyond the court, the Hawks aim to foster a vibrant and inclusive atmosphere in West Yorkshire, uniting the wonderfully diverse local community for unforgettable nights out together.